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Does dollar general have gift cards?

does dollar general have gift cards?

Dollar General is one of the largest and most recognized retailer in United States. This giant chain of stores has been around for decades and it
currently operates over 15,000 stores across 50 states in United States. Whether you are looking for clothing, home decor, health and beauty aids, grocery, seasonal items, pet supplies among many others, then you can be sure that you will get them all at Dollar General Stores. So are you considering to purchase gift cards at any of Dollar General Stores but you are wondering if they have any? If yes then today you are in the right place because we have all the answers that you are looking for.

What exactly are gift cards?

A gift card (a gift voucher or gift certificate as it is commonly referred in North America) is a prepaid stored value money card that is usually issued by the retailer or a bank and it used to make purchases within a particular store. It is best alternative to cash.

Does Dollar General have gift cards?

This is a very common questions asked by current and potential customers. The answer is YES, Dollar General Stores have gift cards. The company is always committed to improve customer experience on all their stores. One of the best ways to do this is by selling gift cards. Gift cards are one of the most popular and most requested presents in United States. They allow givers to feel confident in their gift and the receiver to actually choose their adventure. Gift cards sold at Dollar General are not only easily to load and reload but they have greater lifespan. Their gift cards are affordable meaning that they will save your hard earned money when you choose buy them at any of Dollar General Stores. Some of the of the gift cards sold at Dollar General include: Sony play station gift card, Vanilla visa gift card, Amazon gift card, Xbox live 3 months subscription gift card, Good play gift card, Darden restaurant gift card among many others. If you are looking for the best place to buy reliable gift cards at a great price, then Dollar General has got you covered.

Does Dollar General sell visa gift cards?

YES, Dollar General introduced the nFinanSe visa reloadable repaid debit card on all their stores. This means that consumer can buy the nFinanSe
visa reloadable debit card at a very affordable price and load additional funds at any Dollar General store. Just recently, the Consumer Report mentioned that the visa gift cards from Dollar General have the lowest cards sales price. They also have lowest maintenance fee and lowest ATM withdrawal fee. Other visa gift cards sold at Dollar General include vanilla visa.

How do you check a Dollar General Gift card balance?

With more retail stores that any other retail company in United States, Dollar General serve millions of customers on a daily basis. Checking your Dollar General Gift card balance is pretty simple and straight forward. There are two methods that you can sue to check balance they include:

1. Phone number

You can call the customer support service of your local Dollar General store then request the support team to tell you your card balance. There is no specific number to call meaning that you need to do your own research to know specific number used on your local store. Their customer service is available 24/7 and they respond quickly to all customer questions and queries. Unfortunately, Dollar General does not currently give customers an option to view their balance information on their gift card online. However, you can you can visit their online store and shop product of your choice.

2. In store

You can also check your gift card balance in store. All that you need to do is visit your nearest Dollar General store or use a suitable locater tool to find nearest store around. Once in the store, the customer care service will help you now your gift card balance.

Dollar General Gift card policy

Dollar General Gift cards can be redeemed at any Dollar General Retail store and online. Acceptance of this card means acceptance of terms and conditions that are subject to change.

You may not return or cancel your Dollar General Gift card after you have received it. Any buyer who wish to cancel gift card purchase before it is delivered should contact the customer care support team.

If you have lost or if you actually suspect that someone has stolen your gift card, you should call the customer care immediately. Remember that gift cards will not be replaced if stolen or lost without proper proof of purchase.

Dollar General Gift cards should be safeguarded because they have great value

Dollar General Gift card should not be used to by another gift card

Risk of ownership and loss is passed to the buyer immediately after confirmation message is sent.

If you need any assistance in any aspect of your ownership, purchase or use of the card, contact the customer care support.

If you wish to include a personal message on your gift card, please inform us during the purchase process.

Dollar General Gift cards should be used for business or personal use. It should not be used in any way for advertising, marketing or for doing other promotional activities

Balance of any gift card is solely the liability of Dollar General

Does Dollar General accept MasterCard?

YES, Dollar General now accepts the American express. In addition to that, Dollar General recent inclusion of discover MasterCard and PayPal is surely a progressive step in eliminating the limitation of debit cards.

Are Dollar General Gift cards durable?

YES. Unlike using gift certificates and paper, Dollar General gift cards are made of plastic hence they are more durable, reusable, easier to track and difficult to counterfeit . When you buy gift cards at Dollar General, then you can be sure that you will get value for your money. The card can serve you for more than 5 years.